1. FANTASTIC VIDEO! Concise, direct to the point, and very informative! I'm a FOREX Trader! I employ 'Price Action' Trading Philosophy or Methodology, and Your Video is truly SUBLIME! Your explanation of Candlesticks trading is very beneficial to ALL Forex Traders, especially to the beginners. KUDOS!

  2. It always seems that the best u can get is a 1 to 1 R:R ratio. Try and get any more and it's a waste of time! Is that why u go for 1:1 on the first Target? Aiming for 3:1 as taught by most seems ridiculous!

  3. Hello my name is Alex I just found your video and I’ve watched many before on you tube you explanation of the candles was the first time it has actually made any sense

    I don’t want a signal service but more a mentor or help in 1 on 1 guidance I’m 100% dedicated to learning and was wondering if you would mentor me i would pay you for your time and efforts I’m from Essex but can travel if needed

    Thanks for the great content just got a new subscriber


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