1. You guys who say it's not rigged or manipulated are delusional. Just google how many times they have been caught and even in 2019 the banks got caught and already payed the fines. They still do it but this time more carefully without getting caught.

  2. I think that the marktes are driven by the behavior of the markets participants. So thats not rigged.
    But I had the experience that the data provided by the broker may be manipulated. Maybe you could do a video about Market Maker Broker, NDD, STP and ECN?

  3. What is the point of News and Forecasting on the likes of FXStreet? They are like weather forecasters and just seem to give lip service to punters! Things like 'Price is bearish but could go up if resistance breaks at 1.26'! And commenting on several resisting MA's or bollinger band confluence! It just all seems like hollywood hype for the casino gamblers! 'Price has rocketed to new highs' means it's gone back up to what it was a week ago!! What's it all about?

  4. Price of something is going to go in certain direction depending on its actual economic growth … that can never be rigged…traders job is to trade the imbalance of it to keep it in balanced situation. Makers or traders with big funds can and do try to fill their positions with some business (patterns) thats what everybody should try to do . Thats a traders job…we can join the market to keep it rigged if its rigged.. no point judging instead …finding the right path to success would be a better IDEA..!! You are doing great job ..godlike.

  5. Excellent, Mark. A question I have asked myself many times over the years but not for personal reasons. I accept the game and the rules. It's the food chain that interests me. It seems to me that for every big fish, there is bigger one lurking in the shadows!

  6. We need the market to be manipulated to a certain point,institution need to move the market in order for me to make money otherwise there would be no fluctuations in the market.

  7. King of mindsets: I create everything that appears in my life.

    For 20 years I have witnessed it’s the biggest thing that destroys traders. They have lost before they begin.

    Lack mentality: “I can’t be rich. That’ll never be me. Life isn’t like that for someone like me. “ so they repel wealth.

    That lack consciousness takes profits too soon, doesn’t take risks, actively holds losing trades. Keeps a person in poverty, seemingly sabotaging success. So it looks fir quick fixes, holy grails, wants more but doesn’t understand how to create wealth.

    People who play the lottery will NEVER be rich because they are stuck in that ‘I cant create it in my life.” Most rely on luck or it being handed it to them somehow.

    Each trader is responsible for creating wealth and losing it.

    The market is FULL of infinite opportunities to make and create money for oneself.
    The market is not the problem. The mindset is the problem.

  8. Your market insight is always useful. The market is not rigged per se, and I'm speaking specifically about the futures/fx market, but it is manipulated. It's just a matter of getting ahead of the game. There's plenty of money to be made…

  9. too right, I love this one. If a tipster at the races told me that a 100/1 outsider was going to win the Derby, and they had a big bet ticket on themselves…then I would be in like Flint too…
    BUT, over at No Nonsense Forex, VP (professional forex prop trader in US), has a vid called 'Big Banks', which has some very insightful stuff on how they move the market, and how to build a trend algo to follow the big moves…just sayin…

  10. Absolutely agree. Pretty much just extending the discussion with my thoughts here. Not taking responsibility for your actions in general, let alone in trading, is counterproductive and you're only damaging your own self-growth. And how does blaming the market make your own situation any better? To put it bluntly, you're just de-powering yourself and giving yourself negativity and reasons to give up your worth, as opposed to learning from it and thus empowering yourself step by step. It's very much a mental health matter, like most aspects in life. And trading is a major one. In my opinion and I will be blunt here – if your mental health isn't at a level where you're feeling relatively stable, confident and honest with yourself, and you're projecting your insecurities and blaming it on other things or people, I advise taking a step back and re-assess and reflect on your self and start learning to take responsibility and learn in general. It's not a personal dig… I say this from a health and wellbeing perspective, aka. For your own good, and I think you'll be surprised how well that'll translate towards trading and the way you see it – both wins and losses and how you digest them and respond to it.

  11. Do you ever feel the stock market is rigged guys/girls? What do you think and why?
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