1. WOW Cris! You are absolutely AMAZING! You are making a difference in my life and I am grateful for you! My passion is in Nature and our wildlife! I choose to make a difference and help save our animals <3 Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

  2. Financial Freedom.. if you have this.. you have more time focusing on family, friends and helping others.. similar to what you are doing now.. Chris.. thanks for sharing your story.. keep on doing what you’re doing.. you have been blessed and succeeded because of what you are doing today.. and hopefully.. what we will also do in the near future.. Bless you brother!!!

  3. My passion is to one day help restore the great barrier reef to its former glory and BLW has helped me reach the first step in the process, by helping me find a way to fund a non profitable organization with the power of online trading 💹

  4. Chris is a hero. I have become more motivated to succeed since the first time I watched his video. I joined BLW signal group last week because he has made me believe that I can do it. Thank God for this guy. I am even much more motivated after hearing your success story. It's hard to be motivated considering all I'm going through right now but this video just came at the right time. God bless you bro.

  5. Thank you Chris for your inspiring life story ….now I know why i am in trading ..money is need ..yes no doubt about it ….but why …i think passion is much much deeper than that

  6. Great share Christian, I too used to have a job like photo copying. I am glad I took your academy and I am learning for the past month and a half and improving day by day….one day I will be ready soon. I am practicing on demo with a wining ration of 60 % I want to get to like 80 or 90 ‰ to go live.

    God bless you Bro. This really touched me and made me more passionate about trading.

  7. I hope sir I can quit my 8 to 5 job someday…I'm a newbie and I hope with the help of BLW and your team I Will be success and have financial freedom…I am from Philippines sir. . .

  8. This video is very emotional for me cos I'm still struggling financially alot for a long time that's why my passion right now is educating myself in trading and keep growing my knowledge…. knowledge is power ty chris

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