1. Trading forex is like learning to drive a car ! It all depends if your instructor – meaning institute of forex education is good or rubbish and the car you drove in is a good one or it keeps breaking down – meaning it depends if your broker is a market maker or not on the car you chose to take lessons in! If you chose a bad broker you will definitely not pass your driving test to establish safe trading as this rubbish car will guarantee to make you loose your money!

  2. Just because it's difficult and requires responsibility, doesn't mean it's a scam. I find this claim ridiculous and full of bitterness and resentment, leading to closed and narrow mindedness. In my opinion, it's similar to how people have had poor dating/relationship experiences and where some are sadly very quickly to judge and then blame and/or attack others (e.g. The opposite sex – "ALL men are awful because of these certain behaviours forever and never change", "ALL women are awful because of these certain behaviours forever and never change"). And then back their claim on statistics (which don't tell the "whole story" as truthfully and accurately as possible by the way – such as how the actions or strategies used to lead to this common statistic – again, no showing of journey and analysing how you got there, only showing the end result/consequence and not detailing the intention underlying the results… that's the case with statistics sometimes) that fit their negative bias and their "right" to blame others and avoid taking responsibility for their own actions. And it's the same with Forex or potentially trading in general, depending on how far it goes based on what you've looked into. Because apparently they're always correct and if things don't go well, then other factors outside the person are always incorrect. It's truly disgusting, unhelpful and unhealthy in my opinion and this constant and permanent victim mentality does not serve anyone any help. And the worst thing is, they spread this out like propaganda – thinking their geniuses. Not just in trading or any other endeavour, but life in general. Yes it's difficult… Yes it's suffering. Do something about it instead of fucking whining all the time and, worst of all, blaming/attacking others for YOUR OWN thoughts and feelings which is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous. If you think it's a scam, you're not making it any better with that negative attitude – that's not a solution… that's a dis-solution and an addiction to negative bias to feel powerful and "smart" (and whatever the deeper intentions are, such as manipulation to get people to steer away from others and come to you instead); but that is NOT wise nor healthy. That's my opinion anyway. And it's even worse when they aren't open to learning other things out of vanity. It's called willful blindness. I find it frustrating but mostly very concerning and sad. Apologies for the rant, I felt that I needed to expel this because I've come across many destructive attitudes like this and it gets very annoying and heartbreaking after a while.

  3. I ain't tryna get rich. I just wanna make extra money but 500 bucks is 500 bucks. I wouldn't mind losing them to a business fail but sure dont wanna get robbed either.

  4. You're up against billionaires and banks. It's a zero sum gain. If you win another person losses money. They're smarter than you period because you're not going to steal money from banks and billionaires.

  5. Its actually an interesting subject. Someone was is talking to me on messenger on me about this subject like how easy to earn money by forex trading. When they say easy money I tend to turn them down and raise suspicion on them, basically to me I see it as a bait as I dont know about that subject until now. Right now he deleted the whole conversation and blocked me, so I guess that person is a scam, tho claimed by throwing x (quantity of cash) = x times 5. So in marketing wise I really dont know that is true. So in the end I learned something new today

  6. So important this video Karen! I went to automatic trading in order to do extensive backtesting to build my confidence, tried to find a strategy that suited all market conditions, then thought of getting training from some of the multiple gurus, they market their services so heavily as we see in infomercials that I began to think that the money was there, selling dreams instead of trading.

  7. I am watching other people's vedios too but the way u r giving away your knowledge, experience and advice is so honest and generous that I am 100 % sure that u r a person with a big heart and want to see other people also successful and u feel satisfaction when u give away ur knowledge and experience which can not be bought with the money.

  8. its not a scam at all….it may seem a scam for the ones who wants to get easy and quickly Money. Trading is a profession like any other one. If you want to succed….you have to try hard for it. Just my honest opinion.

  9. You have great attitude and personality, Karen. Sorry I haven't had the time to look through all your videos, but would you mind sharing your journey from being a rookie to a successful trader like you are now? Not sure if it was touched on in previous videos.

  10. Hello Karen can I get your opinion, one of your fellow traders recommended Martin Pring Technical Analysis book, I notice he has 2 technical analysis books out, I have been studying about 2yrs, would you recommend I buy the first one with the basics or the 2nd one please. , probably a hard question when you don't know my knowledge level. Lol

  11. haha same with cypto and bitcoin people now call it a scam because they all invested in it when it was inflated and over priced. Those will be the same people in a few years from now when it breaks ATHs that will come back but the top again then lose AGAIN. all these markets are about consistency and timing. People might of been buying gold all last year in the downtrend and gave up calling it a shit asset and a scam, and now look gold has gone on a bullish run. You just need to put time and effort into these things and learn how to manage yourself and the markets 🙂 I myself love Forex and Cypto. I trade Forex on a day to day basis and i invest in cypto for the longer term as a riskier play but also for greater rewards 🙂

  12. Sir why forex market is created? What is the need of forex trading?
    You said its 90%psychology and 10% technical then it means forex can easily be manipulated by biggies and brokers bcoz they know about the traders positions so it simply means it is a scam running all over and destroying wealth and people all over psychology creates chart and chart patterns psychology is technical so it's just a game of chess I think🤔

  13. Thanks again Karen, love the great sound advice! As I mention on one of your previous videos I am starting my second year of my five year plan. I have what I believe to be my edge for trading the Forex Market and I have to back test it and then find a good broker and demo my edge until I am consistent with making a profit. I spent a lot of hours in 2018 getting to this point in my life and I know that I will not be ready until 2020 to go live trading. I have to put my trading edge to the test and demo it and I have given myself 2019 to do so, I am one of those people that believes you have to put in the time if you want to be good at something. Most people are not willing to put in the required amount of time to get what they desire out of life, they want to take a short-cut to get to their goals, short-cuts means dogs and fences. When you were growing up and one of your friends says they know a short-cut to get to a place you wanted to go to, it always involved a dog or a fence, sometimes both, LOL!! People have got to stop being lazy and come to the realization that if they want something in life that they believe will be of great benefit to them then they have to put in the required amount of time. Most people went to university for 4 to 5 years to get a degree because they believed it would help them to succeed in life, why would learning to trade be any different! Learning to trade is no different than any other skill required to help you succeed in life, accounting, doctor, welder, pilot, cook or any other profession you can think off. What do I know, I haven't even started trading yet, it has been all research in 2018 and 2019 will be practice and demo. Maybe in 2020 when I go live I will discover then that i suck at trading and it is not for me, if that is the case I do know that I have the satisfaction of knowing I gave it my all and tried my best and there is no one to blame, not even me. All it means is trading is not my thing.
    I work full time and put in 10 hour days and I come home each day hoping I will have enough energy to sit in front of my computer and learn more about trading, the weekends are better for me to learn about trading or sometimes I wake up at 4 am or 5 am and if I can not sleep then I get on my computer and learn what I can before I go to work, crazy! But like i said, if I want to be a good trader then i have to put in the time.
    I agree Karen, people have got to stop complaining when things go wrong and if you want something in life then pay the piper and take ownership for the good and the bad! Like you said, anywhere there is money and lots of it you are going to find people that will take advantage of other people, sad but true. Do your due diligence and if it sounds to good to be true then just maybe it is. My advise to all you up and coming traders is, listen to Karen, she is a straight shooter and no BS! But most importantly, put in the required amount of time if you want to be good at something.
    I promised my wife that 2020 is when i will be going live, she has been chewing on her fingernails ever since, God love her!! LOL!!!
    All the best to anyone who is reading this and remember, anything in life that is worth having you are going to have to fight for it and put in the required amount of time. They say 5 years to be a good trader, we will see!!!

  14. What is the steps or questions i have to ask the brokers about or is there a simple way to find the good broker specially i am just a beginner and easy to be misguided by those in the market ..

    Also i dont know a successful trader to follow theres steps ..even in the country where i live there is no forex brocker company i have to deal with them only through the phone ..
    They wanted me to photograph my credit card as requirement for my registration with them ..covering the middle 4 nombers ..
    Some of them in UK .some of them in Cyprus..some in UAE ..

    Shall I give up with forex ..
    I am currently educating my self through online vedios.. forex training applications..still i feel it is difficult..
    Especially i have an initial bad experience with a bad brokers..

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