1. People loose money because they dont have dicipline. They overtrade (to big positions, no signal), they cut losses to late, and they dont let the winners run. You can lead a horse to the water, but you cant help him to drink.

  2. hey, I wasn't gonna take your video seriously but I feel that it does have some value but then Adam Khoo himself is worth 1.3 billion dollars so that is the reason I have trust in him so can you tell me why that is a bad thing like he doesn't need to scam anyone. Please explain a little more?

  3. Hi David, I don’t know about the Forex course, but I learned stock trading from his free videos on youtube. For me it really works… If you want i can show you my account statement. Excuse my English btw, it’s not my mother tongue, I’m from Belgium. Ow yhea, I like it when you exposed Dan Lok en Tain Lopez! Greets from Belgium

  4. I try to learn different strategies from different "professional traders". I don't buy anything or follow just one guru but I do want to say that Adam Khoo puts a lot of content on YouTube videos for free. He goes through a lot of details and information on his videos and I do appreciate what he does. I don't know if he is a "fraud" as you put it but I do like to watch him and I do get a lot out of it and I get it all for free. I appreciate you warning the public but you sound very angry. Just do your thing and let Adam do his.

  5. I will never know for sure if Adam is really a scam but anyone on the internet can be. I have watched his free YouTube videos and they are very informative and helpful. What I learnt from other YouTube traders is that you can use anyone's trade patterns as an example but for the actual trade, you make your own patterns. DO NOT PAY ANYONE FOR PATTERNS AND INDICATORS is my free advise, not even a soul. Learn how to trade on your own. It will not be easy to do,it will take months but you will have saved yourself a lot of money. DO NOT PAY ANYONE, DO THE WORK YOURSELF AND STOP BEING LAZY IF YOU WANT MONEY. Thank me later.

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