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  2. Hello sir,

    can I ask you what your thoughts are on 1- min chart?

    They may have more noise than 5-min chart but they also provide opportunity.

    Now if I was a volume trader and I look for volume spike reversal, would you recommend that I use 5 min chart? …

    I want to know your opinion as to why you would use 5-min chart versus 1-min chart… (in addition to what was in the video)…

    Thank you

  3. I love your videos. I look at the US 30 and see so many opportunities on the 5 minute chart. You might just have given me the confidence to trade it at that time frame. Thanks.

  4. Top down analysis from daily (occasionally monthly), to h4 to hourly, within which I cut up segments of space to trade in, mostly done on the 5 minute and sometimes 15 min chart as well. Mostly intra-day, so 5 minute is my go to.
    Nice vid 🙂

  5. Price is price and price is fractal. That means that from 1minute to 1month chart it's all the same, just don't get lost in the main trend trading on lower charts

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