1. Hi Karen, very useful knowledge for me. I need one advise from you. Is it true that different pairs different sources of news we should read. For example maybe for gold we must rely on news from source A, while Euro, GBP should rely on source B, C?

  2. One good friend of mine who studied economics told me this: Linda if you wanna stay long in the game understand these three; economic calendar; currency pair correlation and technical analysis. You are good to call yourself a trader! I've depended on them and I walk longer in my baby steps than I fall.

  3. My platform is flooded with news every single minute and I am not sure of how to narrow them down to a summary that will help me make a decision after doing the technical analysis, please help?

  4. Thanks@ karen foo for this beautiful tutorial easy to understand and informative but please is the fundamental analysis to be done each time someone want to carry out trade every day or how? willingly to hear from you. thanks

  5. i am a fan of your channel but a problem is your accent is difficult to understand for me…. so if write it in description which u tell in video this wil so much helpful for me….

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