1. Adam, what would make your course a little more valuable is offering trades picks daily, weekly, monthly, as a lot of courses do, If you did and I could count on your trades , while with a bonus of learning < I would be interested…

  2. been doing cryptocurrencies, i am unemployed and have used 2-4 week positions with 1R to 3R reward, with your stock trading strategies except i set a very low stop loss for a very high reward, meaning i could only have to take $600-1200 positions, and during the december rush, multiple went over 5x my money invested. It was pure euphoria, but i need to stay grounded.
    starting at 8900 i grew to 22000 before the crash thanks to your strategy that i learned and adapted for myself. I am looking into your piranha profits now, I plan to seed my Fx account with crypto winnings. I need to diversify.

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