1. Stoploss is set in stone. After that whatever happens happens. If you wan to torture your self, just open bitcoin chart and cry why you didn't bought at the 13$ level or maybe why you did bought at the 16 000$ level 😀

  2. Hei Rayner.
    All credit to you for taking the loss and move on and sharing your losses.

    The GBPAUD you sold in a clear buyzone for bulls, if selling you needed to sell from 1.8044 which the bears did. The market had made a new higher high and Australian dollar wasn't doing well at the time.
    The USDNOK trade was way too late. The buy zone was 8.3335 to 8.3550 and take profit was 8.4467(conservative target) to 8.4672 area (aggressive target), which it hit to the pip. So the reason for the downmove was bulls taking profit in the correct area, to the pip. It was also the monthly sell zone so the pair should be sold hard this also combined with favorable news for the NOK. This might not be your trading style but it's food for thought.

  3. 45 purchased courses on Udemy, +1000 hours watching trading videos on youtube, 8 books read yet nothing beats this.
    Looking forward to see more videos about real live applications of mistakes and how to learn from them.

    Thank you Ray

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