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Whipped up a chart for you, So_C (since you love technical analysis so much )

The share fell from $2.54 to $1.8 between May and August.

Believe it or not these guys were the subject of a private equity takeover bid at $6.0 back in 2006… not sure there has been any interested parties since.

Thanks for the analysis & chart…i brought the Smartinvestor magazine for the first time a couple of months back and they had a little write up on APN, the author was recommending it back then when the SP was like 2.20 or so, i put in on a watchlist and read back over there announcements etc….watched it fall to $1.80 (i had no funds :() needed to buy something yesterday and APN fell the most outa the 5 candidates. :rolleyes:

APN pretty much have a billboard monopoly in Sydney and i assume all Aussie capitals and NZ, i travel to work on the train and those billboards carry an amazing array of advertising….Harvey Norman, Coke, Water, Schools, Gambling addiction, Chinese Holidays, Toyota’s, watches, Erectile dysfunction….its all there, and always will be…its cheap, simple, one dimensional advertising that’s available to the masses….great business.

Radio, well everybody listens in the car or at work and APN’s regional NZ stations are i believe there a monopoly in many areas, as in there the only commercial operators…same with there regional Australian & NZ newspapers, APN prints the local paper in a lot of places where there the only local paper, and then there’s the The New Zealand Herald, the major daily.

Lots to like about APN.


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