1. Dear sir please make a strategy for mobile user because I am mobile user I watch you videos but all are about computer please tell it is my request to you🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. I was trading over bord and over sold but what I was doing is that I was selling at over bord hoping the price will return and buying at over sold hoping that the chart will go up thats when I blaw my account .

  3. I have a question – the stochastic indicators for any stock vary with the duration, ie in 1 month, there will be more triggers than if I am looking at 3 months or 6 months or more. The buy – or sell – signals are much less. How is that possible?

  4. Man thank you for great explanation. Its the most important to understand what indicator actually represents in price before using it for trading and there is so much BS around indicators. You bring clarity

  5. Hi Rayner it seems u wanted to tell something important. What we should do….At high Stochastic…
    At 4.39mn of video ..But it was Cut
    Your videos are amazing..

  6. how can you tell when a stock buy is from someone who is investing in the stock raising the value, or a margin call, someone who is reluctant to buy the stock, has to and again this raises the value of the stock

    all you see is the stock rising in value but you don't know why

    knowing why can help you predict if that person in the margin call is likely to sell again, because he doesn't value the stock

    is there a way to use the indicators to determine the intentions of the stock buyers to help see if it is a true support area or if it is a false support area due to margin calls?

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