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  2. It was my big mistake to join forex trading. I have learned that no one is perfect on market also both the advisor of Indian market and forex market are not able to protect clients money. They are asking to clients for more investment to secure amount and if clients not able to invest more amount then his amount will loss. I am happy because I have lost only 100 dollars….

  3. Hello…please help me with my demo account in metatrader as live quotes or live market is not showing at all, and i can't place an order, please help me…I am from India…long back once I used this app, at that time it was okay, but now having problems, my friend is also facing same issues

  4. Hi. This might be a silly question I opened a forex account that supposed to support metatrader 4 but I can't seem to get my forex user name to be accepted on meta trader 4? They need numbers input only. I tried to put account number in place but that is not acceptable. Plus forex.com had so many different forex under it.

  5. I know this video is super old, but I have a question: how to you get rid of the popup info bubble that happens when you stop/hover on top of a candle or indicator? It's that little bubble that comes up to tell you what you're hovering over. Please tell me there's a way to disable that. It's not a big thing. It's just super annoying.

  6. I am using mt4 for over two years now, but only yesterday I excedentaly put my marketwatch in a horizontal position. Now I can't for the live of get it back to its original vertical positon, neither can anyone help me whatsoever with this annoying problem.
    Can ANYONE help me?

  7. Is it possible to have it set so that the scale fix is permanently chosen? Also, when I drag a chart onto an existing chart that has a template I created, it comes in as a blank screen. But if I choose create a new chart it opens fine but not with my preferred template.  I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but the same thing happens. Any idea how that can be fixed?
    Thanks for the video! It was very informative!!

  8. Hi. A message has come up on my MT4 platform when I open it: "Currency heatmap. To continue login to your account and erase your current Account Code in the User Dashboard". The currency heatmap is an expert advisor I have installed. Where do I find the User dashboard to erase the account code? Thanks

  9. Why can't I move the main screen just how I want it? It acts like it's almost fixed and I can't move it up or down by just dragging the screen. Is there an option that I can change to solve this problem?

    Thank you, great video

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