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  2. price above cloud buy…… price below……sell….. disregard all other lines…. The green line is the exception…. because it moves ahead of the price always

  3. I’ve been experimenting with Kumo cloud breakouts. I’ve stripped the Ichimoku indicator back to just the two clouds. I have 180 and 365 EMAs displayed. If I monitor the DAX open I can usually find a time interval which shows an EMA sitting on top of a red cloud. When price pushes up through the cloud and pierces the EMA I make a note of the price level, then flick to the 1 min chart to get confirmation of a close above the EMA at that level. Then I take the plunge. It usually spikes up nicely.

  4. Best analogy i heard once was: if ichimoku looks like a dirty big fat raging sumo wrestler coming at you, you run, if it looks like a pretty lady you have think about it. yes good at a glance

  5. At 3:00, the cloud beyond the last bar, what is that mean? (Gradually changes from green to red)
    And I can see the rightmost red cloud are actually pointing to two values, what are they?

  6. Where he was talking about the lagging price line, he showed how the market consolidated when it hit that line. Problem with that is the indicator lags and it wasn't anywhere near the price when the consolidation took place. I have yet to see ANY advantage to the lagging price indicator.

  7. Hello,if I were to set trading view alerts on the ichimoku Indicator , what would you set them o;, just don’t want to sit in front of the charts all day. Many thanks

  8. Yes, you missed plenty of uses I read about (and already profitted on). But you gave me a quick insight on what some stuff in it means and how it is calculated I needed to know to use it with more confidence. Thanks.

  9. Wow. entered trading WITHOUT training 2 weeks ago. this guy explains so clear 0 that even I understand 🙂 I really appreciate the simple way this guy is explaining everything. where can I get a 'series' of his videos pls?

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