1. Hi guys,
    Do we need to observe one time frame higher than the BB's time frame in order to get the numbers we need?
    For example:
    Daily (BB); H4 (TF);
    If we want to trade those time frames we need to look at the weekly chart so we can define if some pair is weak or strong?

  2. I am also an MPA student and trying to apply this but I am not sure if I have to do the correlation on the big boy's chart or even higher time frame (the godfather) and I am getting a little bit confused. Can you give me an insight ?

  3. Dang…shots fired at BabyPips? LOL…I wish you had a string of videos that are free to get a person from step 0 out of 10 to at least step 5 for complete NEWBIES. If you do, maybe I need to be directed to how to find them. I wish I had money to pay for your courses, but not at the point to where I can afford any of them so I watch as many of your free videos as I can on YouTube anyway so maybe put a string of videos specifically focused to those of us newbies.

  4. Hey Guys!
    Thanks for a great webinar! I am also an MPA student.
    I have a little confusion:
    If I trade 30m and I put up my correlation table on 1H and 4H, how much data should I look at?
    (Like a previous week, or month or smth different?)

    I really appreciate your work,
    Thanks once again!

  5. i been through navin courses and what I found out this guy not only gives u right information about trading but also help u to develop a profitable strategy.real stuff no nonsense

  6. money spot is clear as mud in the videos – you have to buy more courses to learn how to piece it all together, mpa does help see the market in a different way — but it doesnt show you how to fit all the video lessons together — basically you get enough rope to hang yourself — unless you buy more courses —

  7. hi navin i've been true in that situation and i lost almost my money and everything else you was explaining it's all true//i told you before i have good feeling that i'm going to success behind of this videos which you are releasing them to public and they mean too much to me after the bed experience be always blessed ???????????

  8. Like your vids,so how much is this strength indicator gonna cost the avg.Joe? don't some brokers give out these fx heat maps for free?so why buy?

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