1. wrong count , you have no clue what are you talking about , I see this so many times here in YouTube this wannabe wave counters try to educate people but they dont even understand Elliott waves. that's why you all lose money

  2. Elliot waves are the easiest when i do my setups, i only use the with support and resistance i have done read balancing a back tested it and the tests came positively for more than 20 times

  3. Your wave count is wrong .And one more thing. Even if u 12345 count if tha t makes a higher degree (1) corrective gone below that 1 . Which u sai d 2 should not go below 1. So plz correct it

  4. Elliott Basically says:
    The financial markets are not a random formless mess reacting to current news and events. There is perfect sychronicity in the way the market operates ordered from a much higher level.
    The markets are a product of human Nature(Mass psychology) and human nature is a product of the bigger "Nature" that governs the universe.
    Einstein said: "God does not play dice with the universe" ( the financial markets included).

    The seeming "chaos" that you see is actually perfect order. Be it in the financial markets,in the world and even in our own personal lives.

    So when you take the time to study it and know what its really about you will find that elliott wave is not just a technical analysis tool, its literally a way to measure mans progress be it individually or collectively as a society.

  5. Hey everyone please watch this video all the way to the end. His second wave count is correct. The first one coukdnt have been worse. His first one showed the ABC correction taking out the low of his "wave 1" which would invalidate the whole count. If the low of the correction takes out the wave 1 swing low that ceases to be a correction and becomes a what…..? "A reversal"……. yes that's correct. great job gang

  6. The problem is you don’t have horizontal levels drawn, when you have the correct horizontal levels, you’ll be able to ma,e an educated guess as to where price might pullback

  7. Though it is a very hard trading discipline… Once you get that 1000 page book mastered. You'll get very high accuracy in your forecast. Even calling tops and bottoms to the pip.

  8. I love EW. Made a price action video about it. Pretty much I trade a divergence at wave 5 and book a small movement on the reversal. It's a pretty solid trade with a high win rate

  9. Most people aren't very good with EW. They ignore the principles of it, sometimes basic, and sometimes more complex. The biggest problem though, as mentioned in this video, is that there are too many possibilities and wave counts, so it's difficult to use in real time, all of the time.

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