1. i did some study on fundermental analysis recently on http://www.forexfactory.com   , 

    (a) am i correct to say if the actual value is lower than the forecast value for that news it is a bearish news telling me to go short, 

    (b) am i correct to say if the actual value is higher than the forecast value for that news it is a bullish news telling me to go long, 

    (c) when i went to forex factory web page, i realize i can filter the type of news to be displayed, do you disregard low impact and medium impact news and just filter the high impact news to be displayed on forex factory web page, should i just concentrate on high impact news when learning to implement the fundermental part of trading and disregard low impact news and medium impact news

    (d) for every news event at forex factory web page there is actual value, forecast value and previous value provided for each of the news displayed, i only know if actual value is lower than forecast value for that news it's bearish and if actual value is higher than forecast value for that news it's bullish, what about previous value is that previous value helpful in fundermental trading or should i disregard that previous value.

    (e) when you check the news on forex factory webpage, what type of news do you filter to be only displayed.

    (f) should i avoid trading during high impact news or should i use high impact news to my advantage to trade fundermental by looking at the actual value and forecast value to go long if bullish news and go short if bearish news.

  2. Mr Dare Ijagbemi
    Plz this is my email: isaactanoeblay1@gmail.com.
    Can u plz send me more information on the HMA indicator ; especially how to do the setting and where will i see it on the MT4 indicators.
    Tanx. I really love your teachings keep on the good work.

  3. After doing some backtesting and watching the market during news releases, I've noticed that major news usually starts in the opposite direction before moving to the actual direction that the market intends. Using method 2 would possibly trigger both long and short positions depending on how close you set your buy/sell stop. Is there a recommended method in order to avoid that happening?
    Great video btw!

  4. Statistically The second strategy doesn’t work 70%. It only work for extremely good or extremely bad news. for NFP you are lucky if your order slip for 20 pipes. First strategy is called inside bar breakout.

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