1. hello TraderNick,
    I'm living in canada so which broker platform is good for forex trading with the benefits of lower commission rate and tighter market spreads,
    Reply me here at your convenience.

  2. London is my favorite session. you can make a killing on any session if you know it's personality and how to trade it. But things almost always take off for big gains during London.

  3. because i don't have particular broker , which offers default session indicator in mt4 . plzzzz send me. as you always try to help your students . plzzzzzzzzzz. plz send to my email id faheemmemon2002@gmail.com

  4. You also have to take into account the spread spikes around session closings when deciding whether to hold for 24 hours … if you have a tight stop and you go to bed the spreads can screw your if you aren’t watching it during session closes

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