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  2. About the “stopped out” fake out thing:
    I combined this strategy with the old but gold Parabolic SAR:
    Whenever the PSAR is operating under the price, i know for a fact that price is in either a long/short term upterend.
    I am waiting for price to brake ABOVE the swing high and go long.

  3. Hi, I am in the uk and wondered how the clocks changing in the uk affects the markets. Do we get both the uk and Asian sessions align or does it turn Into a 2 hour overlap. Thanks

  4. This sounds like a killer strategy. There's not much else to improve it further apart from using a couple of indicators to checklist some extra criteria for confirmation of increased chances of a successful entry. And if they don't all meet the criteria, you can choose to stay out of the trade to avoid any excess losing trades to optimise your equity curve on this strategy.

  5. That was the last piece missing of my trading rules. I already have my exit rules figured out but my entry strategy sucked big time. I like your entry strategy because after some research I figured this entry rule, combined with my exit strategy, should make me tons of pips going forward. I will start using this new hollistic approach (your entry + my exit rules) next week. I'll keep you posted. Many thanks!

  6. Hi! My roommate and I have started experimenting with this strategy and what we find is that if we use a pending order on either side it works. However, one sided pending order will go through and now hit our TP but the market will reverse immediately. Thoughts on combatting this?

  7. Thank you guy, please for more clarity, what pip distance would you advise to use for setting up a buy or sell stop awaiting the breakout? Or should just sit and watch for the direction of breakout and then enter a market execution?

  8. How many pips are after a day with this strategy? I noticed you didn't mention much about a limit. Would you recommend this on all GBP pairs? Of the 6 GBP's how many days a week do you think they'd give 50pips on this strategy?

  9. I've just written a trading robot based on this method. For the 4 trades shown in this video (9th October – 12th October 2017) the bot traded exactly the same way, it won the first 2, lost the 3rd and won the 4th and used exactly the same entry and SL as in the video. Unfortunately, backtesting since 2013 shows that this strategy has a 50/50 chance of success, i.e. no better than luck. The presenter has been very selective about the trades shown, and is the only person I know who can tell something happened "almost immediately, in the first few minutes" while looking at an hour candle. Maybe this can turn a profit with different SL and TL management, avoiding trading certain days etc. but it doesn't look promising at all.

  10. so basically we can implement this startegy 2 ways or pending order its way risky , or live watching all gbp pairs on couple screens and see if its goes with rules ?
    what you think about this ?

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