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  2. I have watched a lot of trading videos and this series is #1 of the ones that I have found so far. I have traded enough to know that he really knows what he is talking about. Straight and to the point, no hype or fluff. Seems like a really nice guy as well. This is the kind of material that I would recommend to anyone starting out and I certainly will be doing that. Start with this series and then let it sink in, watch them twice even, there is a lot packed in these and you will get something new on a second look. It is worth hearing things that you already know from a seasoned traders perspective. He also recommends Eckhart Tolle, Power of Now in one of the other videos. Which is not trading related but, I will agree that being in the present moment is important to trading and centering your mind to get in the zone is a good habit. From Eckhart Tolle my biggest takeaway is to be able to observe you own thinking. This can save you, if you can tell that you are getting to wrapped up emotional, tired, bored, edgy, whatnot while trading, you can observe your thoughts and either recenter or walk away until you get you mind right back into the present. It will save you from mistakes that can be avoided.

  3. Why in financial markets they use this odd notation EUR/USD meaning dollars per 1 EUR? I read it "Euros per 1 USD". Like in km/h (kilometers per hour) and all other similar measures.

  4. I could only find Trading in the Zone and Reminiscence of a Stock Operator; finished reading them, great books by the way. Recommended for anyone looking into speculative trading
    However, I couldn't get any of the other books mentioned at the end of this video. Could someone write it out please?
    And are there any more books about trading; whether it is a novel like Reminiscence or self help like Trading in the Zone. I'm interested in those two genres

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