1. Thanks for the clear and honest video.

    i'm loooking to add some fundamentals to my strategy, because i want to know why market is doing crazy things some weeks, usually when more than 2 big news are on the scene.

    i crashed 20% of, my little account (3 weeks progress if doing just well :P) this week trying to go to jump from 0.06 lots to 0.07 lots in my personal goal in one week, but wasnt a good week to just wait for technicakls to point a big preasure 😛

    now its time to go back to routine and super safe trades for a month, but next time i will not want to get caught by fundamental data going nuts xD

    and totally agree with that statement about anyone can work and grow from any Deposit size.

    Is hard at the time you see you are going to make under 100€/month at least per 2-4 months with 200€ish account working real hard, and after that you still need a total of 6-9 month to reach 1k at your deposit ( 4.5%-7.0% balance goal at week) this is data from my personal progress after 6 month trading real with cents. But i'm going for it!! its a calculated risk i'm going to take 😀

    And hey, you only need 5€ deposit to open a 0.01 lot position with 1:100 leverage, just FYI, and if you go under 5€ you just cant XDDD

  2. Dude … You made my day .
    Thanks so much . .
    Love your podcast, just keep doing it . . It would be more better, if you just make an mp3 video with thumbnail Instead of making chat video .. Although good content . .waiting for more on fundamentals.

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