1. What you're sharing in this illustration is actually one of the most vital things which separates professional traders from retail traders. This is exactly what professional traders do with just about every open trade they are in daily. It's why professionals traders have more profits made than retail traders do. So with that, understand why it is that you only find very few and I mean VERY FEW R taught to do this over those teaching snything about this. It's really the simple and common small things like this that will dramatically turn a lossing trader into a profitable trader.

  2. hello sir Brain Cain..I just want to ask sir..just this moment when I place BUY it will appear that MARKET CLOSED..i don't have the idea what is happening..i'm a beginner in MT4..please help me

  3. Thank you for this simple but extremely valuable tip. I knew how to do this on mt4 on my laptop but thought it was impossible on mobile. I have a full time job and no do a lot of my trades from my phone so this info is invaluable to me. Thanks again

  4. Thanks for this video bc honestly I didn't know that we can do that. I hear people say oh im going to take partial profits and leave the rest. I figured they had more than 1 trade open but now I know.

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