1. Such a great video 👌 Thank you.
    I am interested in trading with no deposit bonus accounts like XM 30$ or FBS 50$. But I think their spread is high for Scalping. I am interested in trading eith Scalping. What do you think about this? Gimme your Advice bro.
    Any recommendations for no deposit bonus from brokets with low spread?

  2. I think that the mindset most difficult stuff to me. My $400 account is down twice for two months. I really want learn profitable trading but it is hard. I need to someone who talk with trading experience. Is there any community near you? Do you have another online community? I'm learning mt5 programming in these days to keep distance from greedy, irrational mind.

  3. Dammit! Another Bullshet! video! The title says How to Start trading with 100 dollars but You dont show us HOW to do it! i got 80 bucks! and would like to know How to go at it! what stocks and what to do! what to do!

  4. Putting your toe in the water to see what it's like…nothing wrong with that ..Use it as practice money think of $100 dollars as $10000 play with good risk management.. you never know where it can take you. Trading real money would put you ahead of paper traders. You get the real Feeling of trading.
    Best of Luck!

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