1. I have a question, if anyone is out there. I started forex paper trading on OANDA a couple of months ago. I like the fact that I can set a trade for a precise number of units. For example, if I'm trading EUR/USD, I'll pick the equivalent of $200, which is a very messy number. Can I do this in ThinkorSwim? This platform has some very intriguing tools I'd like to try out.

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  3. Thanks for this video!! I have a question for you in my trading school they told me the commissions and spread in Thinkorswim are very high in comparison with other brokers . Is that true??? explain me please!!! thank you!!

  4. Hey, I'm new here.
    I just found out to trade Forex on Thinkorswim; you need to apply for it.
    And how do I apply for it? Please make a video about that.

  5. Is it possible to enter TWO simultaneous trades at the same time on ThinkorSwim, for instance, while u r on USD/EUR trade, u are also on the GBP/USD trade even USD/CAD trade at the same time?

  6. I just opened my paper account with think or swim. I'm use to FXCM charts. Where do I go to customize my settings from decimals to pips? The basics on how to place a trade in pips? Hope I'm making sense. Buy and sell at market price?


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  9. awesome video. Just started Forex after 15 years of stock and option trading on ToS . Question : Do you mainly rely on Technical Analysis for your trades or more news/ fundamentals ?

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