1. Indicators n oscillators are very primitive. There r other methods to pinpoint the retracement.( small zone for retracement)
    Am not talking about Support Resistance.
    Professional use it, but I have never seen any one reveal this.
    Hope u find this out Karen sis.

  2. Some parabolic moves stay above RSI 70 for sometime and so as the price,this why i prefer CCI as it is graded differently and gives me signal fit for my style..to each his own.Nice tutorial anyways.

  3. Karen you are my best online forex teacher. thanks for this great job u do of making these videos. I am watching and learning like in class seriously. God bless you more dear. regards from Tanzania 🇹🇿

  4. Karen, how can you tell using indicators, data, or any method to tell when a buy is coming from a margin call or a standard long buy?

    this will help determine if there is a short squeeze happening, creating a fake support or if the stock is legitimately stable and climbing due to a true support

    is there any way to mix indicators with data to determine what kind of buy is happening?

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