1. is it good to trail set stop losses at fibonacci retracement, price would unlikely reverse back to a fibonacci retracement position to stop out my trade am i correct

  2. I have been trading forex for 5 years now i went through the rookie mistakes emotions,greed,fear and luck.After 3years I became very consistent and I trade 4 to 6hours a day sometimes just three depending on market conditions,you can make a ton of money from the forex market but ask yourself this question.Are you prepared to lose money and go through the trials to become a consistent professional?

  3. what i dont understand is why you use the closing price for the chart? It may have some meaning in the Daily Chart (because that is when the exchange closes) but surely not on the 4 Hour Chart, let alone lower timeframes. Why do you not use the Highs/Lows in lower timeframes than the daily? For my understanding Opening and Closing Price of a Candle in timeframes lower than the Daliy are complete random. The prices of a candle that are not random (or arbitrary) are the highs and lows in that period.

  4. Thank me later,, i was able to make with as little as $4000 to profit as much as $36,000 after he has successfully traded for me with the help of his latest signal software not only that i had fully access to my account and can request for payout at any time. i rate him a 90% ,highly recommended , God bless the day i met Mr Hafeez Ullah < hafeezullah47@yahoo. com> feel free mail him for guidance^

  5. Hi THere Andrew My name is joe from South Africa JHB sorry to say that i signed up for a course and paid R18000.00 and all i got was a CD and a small booklet and very little to no help from them at all with a lot of useless promises
    Nevertheless I have been experimenting on my own with a demo accounts for a very long time and have not shown a profit I came across your channel and i can't believe that you are so willing to share all the knowledge you have gained over the years at your own expense You have restored my faith in this industry I have subscribed and will love to be included in your teachings Best regards Joe

  6. Can anyone please explain how to get the “180 hour buffer”? Why is it 0.12 pips? I know you look at the number next to ATR(14), but how do you calculate this? What is the derivation? 180 hour implies 7.5 days, but the mini chart shows 5 November to 14 November, which is longer than 180 hours or 7.5 days?

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