1. Hi I am proud of you men. I know that is posible. But there must be only passion and belive in it. I have similars idea like you in my life. Live the own live. Good luck boys

  2. I am inspired every time. I'm in matric and I've begun my trading journey. Yes, I've had a shitload of losses but that's far from stopping me. You will see me balling soon tho and if you're new to trading and reading this, remember this, there's no competition so don't be greedy. I learnt that the hard way.

  3. im inspired of how much you guys grew. I remember it was last year September if im not mistaken when i first found your channel, At first I thought it was those click bate videos only to find out you guys serve raw true and truly help out people better their lives, and to be honest that time i was about to give up on forex and be those people that say forex is a scam. you guys showed me that if you want to trade forex you should seek knowledge first and the rest will follow. big ups twins i love your work

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