1. Very Good but with so many lines it brings confusion to some traders, double tops or bottoms so many times the market makers go on hunting for stop loss and in many cases the second touch goes below or above the structure to confuse the retail traders,just think about, but overall fantastic lesson.

  2. Hey bro how you going! Nice explanation of how to trail your stops. Quick question…why are the double bottoms/tops ignored if 2nd part of the pattern is lower/higher than the 1st?..just thinking that it could be stop hunting and "fakeys" forcing the pattern lower/higher and possibly create a more powerful move in the markets intended direction?

  3. Hi i love your videos and thank you for all the information you present in them.
    I just have one question, if you use this strategy on the 5 min candles the support and resistance lines you draw should they be from the 1 day time frame or the 4 hour.

  4. I am new to trading and I'm watching ALL of your videos. They are very informative, clearly explained and comprehensive. Thank you for your effort in compiling them!

  5. Forgive me please, but i'm now getting into his thing. But aren't your analysis running into days and not hours? Since your 'w' pattern lines go over into other dates. Can anyone explain to me if it's 1week our hours… i'm trying to understand. Again please forgive me

  6. This is so true, most of the videos just show past pictures and a lot of talk. It's rare to see people showing how things work live (let's not even mention the amount of scamers with demo results painted as legit).

    Great work!

  7. Hi James, enjoying your series so thank you for sharing. I am a little bit confused by what you mean with take profits with a double top. Are you looking to buy at the trough of the W from a double top?

  8. Cheers buddy. Just watched this video, went to my screen and executed one. £114. Happy days. I'll buy you a nice single malt one day lol. Got to say your vids are very informative for newbies like me, no drops, no selling, just good basic info well presented. Well done.

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