1. Even putting 5% of your weekly earnings into your trading account per week from your main income source, whether it's a job, income from help with government as you look for a job, self employment of some type, etc. That makes a huge difference. It doesn't matter what the amount is that you put in incrementally… it's the fact that it grows unhindered and that's vital to survive in the game, especially when you're still beginning to learn to trade. And that plays as a nice protective buffer as it can significantly reduce the probability of blowing up your account, especially when you combine it with decent risk management strategies.

  2. You always give your trainings hot as it is. You don't sugar-coat anything or massage anyone's ego. I find you honest and training easy to understand. For the first time, I'm grasping the content of forex training and having a superior understanding. Thank you so much for what you do.

  3. Be patient and wait for the good trade setup to come to you is the best way to succeed. Do not trade for the sake of trading. It is ok to stop trading for a few days if the market is not good for trade. Thanks Karen for your advise. I always followed your advise. Your advise help me a lot.

  4. Thanks Karen, excellent advice. I am a trader and my friends never trade at all but keep asking me a start up every time they see me. They never need to try with their salaries or savings. Now since I came across this video- anyone who keeps asking me money start up to trade I simply email this video of Karen and this video really helped me. Now they start to call me "intellectual man", and they start feeling ashamed to asking me money. This video is 10/10 star advice to any new traders and even simply well aducational- I love it.

  5. Hello Karen, I love this video because it's made for me personally. I was thinking of trading with 0.1 or 0.2 lot size on $100-dollar account before, so that I can quickly generate income for myself and thus double my capital within a week, but not knowing (through I could say I know these lot sizes are very dangerous for such account but I want to trade with them based on greed and impatience) that it's too dangerous for the growth of my account until I watched this video. Everything is all about patience with little, little income daily. As a result, I prefer trading with 0.02 or 0.03 and at most 0.05 on $100-dollar account and make at $10 or $25 at most a day.

  6. Hey is it easy to withdraw all your money lets say if you hit the ultimate trade and you want to take a vacation or get away from trading for some years can you get all your money out at the same time

  7. God bless you Karen for all this teaching, I have left trading more than 10 years ago based on every single thing you have been teaching on your channel since I come in contact with you on you tube because I wanted to go back to trading, but with all your lessons am rest assure that I can make it in forex trading but am still following your lessons one after the other, expect some questions from me anytime soon, thanks for all this beautiful insights…

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