1. Best Teacher I have ever met…. Wow this is amazing, I am a price action trader been following you and just recently signed up you dashboard. I am so humbled to find a professional trader like you, changed my style of trading and all I see now its enjoying profit all the way.

  2. A good video – if you have the patience. however, anyone contemplating the 90 mins should note the title is misleading as the vid is 90% about setting stop losses and targets, very little information re entry. The trade taken near the end on EURJPY failed to recognise that the 5th wave had as yet not formed, hence why the trade lost. Overall though, a good video with some very good info.

  3. You are so A.D.D. You must be very disciplined on your trading bc you get so distracted easily. Maybe why you keep the charts naked too? I really liked your training…thanks!

  4. I have a quick question , lets say a indecision candle formed after an uptrend , like the trade you took in this video. does it have to be within the support/resistance line? for me to enter the trade. because I have taken similar trade but it wasn't within the support/resistance line but the trade went successful. many thanks

  5. personally i feel this is not workable.. trend is ur fren.. what you are doing is counter trending and for a pull back will only be applicable in long term charts like what ur doing.. but if u apply it on h1 or m15 or even h4, the pullback may not even come..

    personally i feel risk reward is not important.. when your consistent in your hit rates.. even if r:r is 1:1 , u still can go for the trade if all rules of your system meets..
    nice video but i wouldnt go for counter trending..

  6. I dont really understand on which candle do you place the trade? For example, after you see the Doji signal candle, do you use your strategy right starting from the very next candle after the Doji or do you wait for a confirmation candle after the Doji and trade on the next after the confirmation (2nd candle after the Doji?) Please help. I find your videos very helpful so far.

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