1. Thanks for the video. What I didn‘t get fully is, when should I use wick top/bottom and when should I use open/close as reference for touching points!? Being closer on the trendline could also mean a higher probability of getting caught by a false breakout. Am I true?

  2. Great video, but at which point do you enter a trade? after on or two bounces or when it breaks through the the trendline? this is where I struggle knowing when to execute the trade.

  3. Hello Sir

    How are you

    I want to know that which tv or channel what ever it is

    which is giving you the live news can you give me the name so i can also watch it and know

    what is going in market thanks waiting for your rely thanks

  4. Which platform can I use to practice. Both for beginners and also for more advanced. Which broker is also advisable. Thank you, appreciate all your videos, and taking great notes

  5. xcuse me sir,i have some question,the case is in up trend,what should i do if the resist trend line was break up,sorry for my bad english but i hope u can help me to answer my question

  6. Thank for this video, the two main ways that I knew people drew trend lines was from extreme highs and low and a flexible trend line when they did not worry about 2 points but how much time price interacted with there trend line. It is interesting seeing the way you draw them from the closing price using the line chart. Never heard of that before but overall great videos, always good to see another professionals traders perspective.

  7. Hurley Jordan is someone who I've been making continuous withdrawals since I began trading forex with his system and I don't see that coming to an end anytime soon because of the profitability of his trading system

  8. Hi . Just wanted to say that your videos are great quality.

    I have only started on a demo account and you have really helped me to get some clarity regarding trading. Thanks

  9. I'd say many people know about this stuff, but even so, the way you explain it helps for better consolidation of knowledge and profound understanding. very simple and educational. thanks.

  10. That was such an interesting demonstration there. I love it, I am trying to follow as much as possible. I`d like to ask you a more questions on trading. please respond to my email aplusnettt@gmail.com Thanks a lot and keep doing this for us 🙂

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