1. Hello sir, your video solve my problem as regards drawing of support and resistance lines. My instinct always tells me that I am doing the right any time I go to line chart and draw my levels out . it works like charms for me and removes stress drawing the levels. Thanks so much. God bless.

  2. When does a support & resistance line become obsolete? I guess I’m asking as if you keep adding them to a given chart, soon there will be no space left to trade in. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the breakdown. Support and resistance lines are for zones. The wicks are good in swing trading because most of the time price takes the high or low level out before reversing. I like the color coded lines to distinguish.

  4. So far so good there are limitations involving forex trading, it’s best you join a trading community to share your experience and get trading advise on different insights. how to improve gradually as you get to meet innovating and shared experiences from enlightened individuals that you will are aspiring to be like, getting education is an improvement to your course.

  5. I found this video very helpful. Thank you! I do have a question. I am trading a demo account. I have been putting my support and resistance lines on a 4 hour chart to trade a 1 hour timeframe. Do you suggest anything different?

  6. Countless hours have been spent learning SnR from so many videos & websites, this is the most thorough explanation of the right way to draw SnR, Thank you very much.

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