1. I started trading forex just to be independent but it didn't turn out well cause i didnt have the necessary experience or better knowledge that i needed but now with mr gabe Kellough assisting me, my dreams will be my present state so happy

  2. Recently verified in a stock exchange called Biteeu. It turns out that they give 300-500 rubles during verification. I heard for free. It seems to give even more seems. Is there info about her?

  3. Hi, This is really an excellent video on Trend Line.
    I am from India. And in India almost all traders used to draw trend lines from lower wick to higher wick.
    Even I am also using the same. But some times I do draw body to body TL. I feel that these are working.
    But since all my trader friends using wick to wick technique, I have to be with them.
    Today, when I saw this video, I am confident, that Yes!!!! I want to adapt this technique.
    One more query, Can we used Fibonacci retracements tool from lower body to higher body?
    If you can throw some input on this.
    Now here n after I will start using TL from body to body.
    Thank you for sharing valuable learning.

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  7. At 22:30 you have a downtrend line drawn and you stated the none of the candlesticks closed above the trend line but there is clearly a green candlestick that did close above the trendline right about in the middle of the drawn trend line. Would that not negate the trend line?

  8. On 18:32 when you form the triangle, you said that we have to wait for the next couple of weeks/months to know the direction of the price. Is it possible to zoom out into the timeframe and make another trendline to see whether it would be a bullish or bearish trend?

  9. The best video I have ever come across…. Couldn't thank you more… Cleared all my doubts… This Infact taught me how to draw trend lines on charts…. God Bless You 😊😊😊

  10. Thanks for the good video. I was interested especially to hear about the "wick vs body" approach. NOTE: as pointed out by few others already long ago, at 20:05 there is a candle closing above the down trend line, which is against the basic principle explained. I guess just a miss. Otherwise, very well explained!

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