1. So what am I missing? I like the concept, but I feel put off by the fact that many of the features displayed in this video are not available in the account. Which equals trust factor zero.

  2. These forex zulu trade strategy points are more familiar to me each time I trade with IQD Momentum strategy which i learnt piratically from Lukasz Wilhelm. they are known as swing points. The point when i'm buying the dips and selling the rallies to take profit of thousands of dollars each weekly. it's an amazing experience. you can check contact
    link of this system on google and see more.

  3. I chose AAAFX because I trade with zulu-trader, because of zero commissions and no spread markup. So far so good, I have very close results compared to the providers I follow, other people using other brokers say they get too much slippage, but I am ok.

    Got my 10% bonus when required lots where completed with no problems.

    Also support is really friendly and willing to help.

  4. Good and professional company with very busy trading community!

    You can follow thousands of traders, some good, others not so much, but there is a winning opportunity in all of them. Using the protective tools (zuluguard, advanced settings) makes account management a playground with low margin, I collect nice results.

    Really not what I expected when I opened an account. Totally surprised me.

  5. By far the biggest selection of signals, etc.

    You can easily find a trader that is doing the type of returns/risk you are looking for and not too aggressive or against your preferred trading style.

    I only wish they had more MT4 plug in functionality but I know MetaQuotes is avoiding that of course…

  6. I recommend it but investors especially newbies when start trading choose top ranking 1-5

    And make sure you don’t exceed the o-meter 100% between—50%_70% it’s up to you how you manage your money as for me 80% Risk and plan to invest for 5-8 years for example 2000 $ each year you win 50% -80% profits of the money so at end of year your capital increase to 3000$ -4000 next year 4500 -7500 then 7000 -9000 and so on good luck hope this helps

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