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  2. hey people listen, I'm a slow learner. Have tried to understand this risk management thing from different mentors and didn't fully get it! this video just opened my eyes! Use this with 3:1 Ratio and we will grow our account!!!!

    Thanks again @UKspreadbetting / Mark! cheers.

  3. Thanks for hard work really appreciated. I have a question more like a example plz tell me if wht u told and I understand is correct or not the example is
    Capital is 10k , total risk on any trade is 2% so risk is 200 now if inbuy a share price at 1000 and and my SL is 990 so I can take 10 rs/share as my risk so the total no. Or share which is buy is 200÷10 =20 so I can buy 20 share as if this trade goes wrong then my loss would be 20 share× 10 rs loss per share =that would be 200 my risk . Is this correct ??? Surely I will subscribe the channel too thanks

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