1. Great video Karen! I've made an average of 6% for the past 19 weeks and I wanted to ask when do you think I should reduce my weekly profit target so that this psychological barrier won't affect my trading as much? Do you think it affects some people more or less or would you always recommend a reduction in targets to adjust for larger accounts?

  2. If I come from India ,so can I do forex trading in singpore in IC market . If yes then how will I can transfer money from singpore to my IC market account & then IC market to India or singpore. Plz reply

  3. thanks a lot Karen with this video now i know what I'm dealing with, I'm one of those who was rushing to make more money , but after watching this video it changed my thinking strategy about ways of growing my account….patience is power.

  4. I trade with demo account and still blow up money 😀 but planning to start using Live account with 2k. Thank you for your straight forward information, needed to hear that, I'm happy to find you.

  5. If you work a regular job and re-invest your returns into your account, how much faster would your timetable grow? I am just starting with a small account of around $100.00

  6. Dear Karen … I am enjoying your vedios alot … I wanted to know … If it is a good idea to let an ECN or STP account manager, Manege your account? … And if it is where should I look to find an experienced and trustworthy account manager? … And also I wanted to know if do manage some people's account … And if you do, how can we start or where do we apply?

  7. My question is technical. Would logic dictates that the larger the account traded equals to larger stop loss pool area which equals an aggressive stop hunt by suck shit banks 😁 to make trading large accounts more challenging?
    Thank you

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