1. Your approach to trading is alot like my approach as a wrestling coach. Break convention, stay disciplined and strong minded. dont be afraid to go against the norm, and play the long game! Trends not reversals! Ncaa champs and olympic hopefuls NOT good middle school wrestlers! Kudos and saludos

  2. I've seen your videos here and there while digging through mountains of crap on YouTube and your videos have helped me the most so I'm just sticking with you for a while. I've been using the daily chart this week and honestly it sold me. I really appreciate your honesty.

  3. LOL..I can promise you that this guy is the real deal…I know all of what he said or will say (besides what i did not hear yet) is what I experience over the past 8 years, sorry more than 9 years, and that is almost everything one can imagine and more..listen to him you want get better info I only know perhaps one or two more trader as him, and I met tons or lets say megatons..I have learned a lot and ended up with the following..I the man with the money met a man with experience, the man with experience ended up with my money, I ended up with experience

  4. So today I am less than 1 month into learning and I am already seeing myself trading with real account in a few months time! All thanks to YOU VP! And I turn 21 in 9 days, I have whole life ahead to enjoy!

  5. Demo traded since 2017, thought I was good untill I read a book called how to beat the market maker by anonymous, which contains everything you have been saying. After that I doubled then tripled my demo, got tired and blew it. I just opened a live account last month with USD 2K and am half way doubling my account. Everything u have said is true and thanks for that. The big banks theory was very evident in AUDUSD, last week and part of this week also.

  6. I made my algo and started paper trading 2 weeks ago. I'm up $400 on a $10.000 account but I will admit I didn't have my money management in order. Most likely more luck than actual skills.

  7. (sorry mis heard you sad 50k to 53k., I think this is quite low profit but probably you know better.)

    (Original message)
    Maybe I'm confused or don't understand it but how do you get from a 15k account to 50k with just 6% profit in six months?
    In an other episode you say 100k only will get 120k in one year best?

  8. I have completed my very own No Nonsense Algo! I am now going back and re watching the older ones. I am actually more impressed now than I was when I first started. The planning you did and the way you rolled it out is amazing!

  9. Imo it is better to forward test with a small live account and trade at minimal risk. – for newbies to get used to the psychological elements of trading.
    I think risking about 3 to 5 $ per trade should not be financially damaging.

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