1. I just mastered forex by learning the candlesticks. I kept on with it for over 3 years I know it ain’t difficult after mastering it and know what to do but before I learned I had no way out to learn it like a snap In the finger it’s no way because forex market Is not that easy like talking about it. Right now those candlesticks are my friends I know how they work but still learning to become a pro and I’m going to make changes Is to go behind it and the candle formation Is right there with me every step of the way. I’m not an expert of 100% yet but getting there and I know I can make the money with forex It takes a lot of patient and calm and friendly and not get all emotional and upset It won’t work. stay calm and have faith and be patient Is the way to go🤑

  2. Oh I believe you I were just saying how people talk. you know we have hates all over the world, come on man. It’s not a perfect world and I understand where you coming from.
    But we know people have words and they have their own opinions nothing to it. I let that go I don’t for sure let it bother me. Good hear from you, though

  3. Hey, bro. You gotta be careful man because they got people talking shit about you doing fraud and lying and all that. It were on Instagram and Facebook and I had to back off and delete my Facebook page and limits to what I’m doing. by the way, I hope you just chill bro and kinda slow down telling your stories on YouTube, too. be careful, bruh.

  4. im with iml im really interested in forex i just can’t seem to get how to understand charts and how to look at them and just know when to sell or buy but the indicators and harmonic scanner help me alot oh yea also gold cup i feel like im taking the easy way out but i really hope i can be profitable off just those 3 things

  5. i am a beginner who is willing to be a great trader but i have no idea about this whole thing, could you please help me to figure out things on my own brother?. I just started it with iqoption about five months ago.

  6. I like you man I swear, you're so real I can feel it. Just subscribed though…

    I'm currently in China and I really want to do this but I don't have any knowledge of it. Can you please connect me to a team here that can educate me.

  7. "and i was going to college, wife, son, full time job" ? that just made me even more determined to go straight forward to trading, i have a son and i find a struggle cause he "steals" so much time lol. i have 3 months of learning and i feel like im learning so much. thanks a lot for those motivational words! you're a good man!

  8. Forex is legit, but anyone who tells you they "MASTERED" trading in just 1 year is full of shit. First who you gotta master the skillset, THEN you have to master your EMOTIONS, which will take you the longest. You can't tell beginners that they can "master" trading in 1 year because that sets them up for failure and frustration if they don't achieve it. For beginners, I recommend you stretch your learning period to at least 2-3 years before you are at an intermediate level, because you have to go through several market cycles, both bullish and bearish, to grasp how it all works.
    So, don't believe the hype. Trading works, but 1 year is unrealistic. Give yourself more time to grow.

  9. Hello Jay, I'm New here, I came across your Video in my quest to learn about Forex. I'm already impacted, determined and ready to learn slowly , Please I'm interested joining your Team / Class to Learn Forex.

    Thank you Sir, And God Bless you beyond your imaginations!!!

  10. I'm a newbie to forex trade, I got linked to a professional and reliable trader who I invested with. Yesterday, I made my first withdrawal of $13k. Now I'm learning how to trade forex because I see it's really profitable.

  11. hi, i've seen 3 of your vids. 1 you were with your fam in NYC-i loved the love. i saw 2 forex videos with you and your students. i also love the fact that i haven't heard a curse word from your mouth on your videos while you're trading nor any sketchy lifestyle. i will be trading forex and so i'm seeking a knowledgeable forex trader to also learn from as i study the skill. i need to ask a question: how long have u been trading forex? i haven't found that out yet. ty

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