1. I am influenced by headline news too much, totally missed 2019 rally. So many major events that could break the market to get worried..no sure how to fix that.

  2. I have been watching videos about trading for so long and every day someone speaks about more indicators or a new strategy to use. i am tired from all this !!!!! i just want someone to grab my hand ( figure of speech ) and show me one step at a time ( i am confused as hell ! ) how to start, how to set up and how to trade. if someone here is genuine please email me at jabeer9@@t. thank you all !

  3. Adam, Thank you for your black Friday sale. I was saving to purchasse your level 1 class after i made 20% return on my capital in a week after just watching these free videos you post. I was able to acquire, the Level 1 + 2 and the bonus bundle on the black Friday Sale event. Man, I am so excited to engage in this journey

  4. When I trade, during the intraday U.S session, I don't have any indicators on my chart at all !! I'm simply able, through massive experience, to identify a turn with precision and make massive amounts of profits; but at the same time we trade the forex..haha…

    But, all my turning points leads to profits but without the use of any lagging indicators….

  5. Excellent info! I don't normally use the Bollinger Bands or Stochastics indicator, I usually prefer the easy to read MACD and the ADX. My SMA's are the 15 (instead of an 8 or 20) 50, and 160 (instead of the slower to react 200) But I will take another look at the Stochastics as it relates to Bollingers. I know from experience to pay close attention to the widely used 50 SMA, no matter what else I ever look at!
    I'm still happy to spend less time online and 'flying under the radar' and not on social media, such as FB or Instagram, or even Twitter, but will keep watching these truly excellent instructional trading videos on YT. They will help us all make and save a lot of hard earned money. Many Thanks for posting Adam! * I'd be very interested in hearing about ETF trading, and how you put together a favorite stock and/or Forex watch list.

  6. Adam, I know that you mention before that you hold a stock in your portforlio as an investment long term if you think it is undervalued. But you also said that if that stock becomes overbought that you sometimes sell a call to collect premium if it declines. Now is that considered a covered call? Example, if i have 100 shares of TRIP 30 dollars, if i sell a 35 call at let say 2.00 per contract , do i want it to close below 35 at expiration to collect that premium? Thanks!

  7. You are an incredible man the knowledge you share for free to try to help the little man is truly appreciated, once i pay off all my debts and am able to invest i will be buying your courses to pay back for all the free knowledge you provide people, thanks again.

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