1. I don't comment often but when I see native posts like "it just a add" I get po'd (Don't be a hatter) It's nice to be nice this lady provides trading education for free!! hundreds of video's and weekly reviews. If everyone would be so kind and genres the world would be a much better place. I am looking foreword to using her new service when available. The content of this channel has helped me become a profitable full time Forex trader. Happy trading.

  2. For a "professional trader", why are you saying that it's realistic to gain 200% in 90 days. I smell BS with this channel, you are selling a false narrative. Are you taking a leaf out of Instagram "traders" book – Next I will see an affiliate link and you selling signals. Really disappointed to see people selling the fake dream ( Get rich quick). I guess you will attract naive people, otherwise, you wouldn't be doing it.

    I would stay away people from her, find a better mentor who will actually bring you down the correct path

  3. 5.,000 dollars in 3 months ….or 1,700 a month…..or 425 per week….

    the question then becomes: How many hours a week did you invest in your trading……?

    okay, you spend one hour a day in actual trading, but how many hours did you spend on analysis?

    let's say an additional hour…..so we are talking about 10 hours a week , with a return of 425 dollars or 42 dollars an hour…..

    a person working minimum wage would earn 75 dollars for ten hours (and soon to be 120 an hour)

    with no risk !!! and no need to pay 5,000 dollars in advance opening a trading account

    finally, as a canadian, why were you trading at 3 in the moring on the london market? why didn't you trade the new york market?

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