1. Hi Michael this is awesome thank you for this video 🙂
    Can you please share the format of the spread sheet ? It will be a real help

    Thank you once again 🙂

  2. Can you backtest multiple charts at a time? For example, can i have a 5 minute chart on the left and a 1 hour chart on the right and use the replay bar functions on both?

  3. C'mon…just do a screen capture….what a waste of real estate in this recording!
    What is the logic in recording it this way?
    Composing vertically when you know it will be presented horizontally!
    Composing the frame to include your laptop…WHERE NOTHING HAPPENS!
    Otherwise, nice vid.

  4. I lost count how many times I've accidentally pressed space and moved to the next pair to lose my place testing the 5m from 4 months ago.. And had to go ALL the way back,

    thanks for showing the Go To button, life saver.

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