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  2. What a prestige woman, she illuminate room,

    He has named interesting books, interesting interview! ye longer time frames, may not be bad, becuz on short ones i've lost all i have , all

    Restarting from scratch

  3. Thankyou for bringing this series of interviews with David.
    His advice provides such an excellent balance of key elements required to trade successfully it is invaluable. 👍

  4. He just mentioned right at the end my #1 book by eckhart tolls titled: Power of now. I honestly didn’t think anyone in trading would be reading such a book wow. I really feel like trading is right up my alley now! I knew there was something unmistakably similar in his level of presence. O universe how you always seem to surprise me in the most unexpected ways 🙂 ok I’m off to read zen in the market!

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