1. I think the title of this video got a lot of peoples backs up including mine. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and its worth watching. Maybe change the title because its a contradiction. You can make money with the right expectations and strategy and clearly this is what you are trying to say!!!

  2. I feel like a real trader now and this thanks to the patience of my account manager (Mr Williams). This has been a great experience for me but now because of some work commitments I have to stop trading and go abroad. Maybe when I return I'll start again with his strategy. I've earned a lot from Mr Williams advices and we have become good friends. He has given me advices how to trade

  3. I think the real reason is that there are no profitable trading strategies. You can use one indefinitely, it won't make a difference. They will always take the trade against you, no matter what you do. That's the whole game, trap traders into committing ti over leveraged positions, take the market the other way, liquidate traders on both sides, rinse and repeat. Price action, fibs, EW, S/D, S/R, harmonic patterns, Gann, etc mean nothing. You will never be able to make profit consistently enough to break even long term, let alone 13 years.

  4. I'm not sure what you talked about because I'm new to forgein exchange but from what iv heard from the video is you gotta trust your self and take risks? Oh and to be patient

  5. Yes and that’s when you trade on your own without knowing how the market works! But with Andrew Jenkins’ team, you are guaranteed to make at least twice your investments every week after joining their platform.

  6. Here is why you will never make money in Forex ….Because the cycle of doom! With the comments I am seeing you can tell who never actually finished reading a book and just read the title of it.

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  8. More or less the EXACT same loss margins for online poker players! Roughly 95% consistently lose their money. Why? Lack of discipline and a belief in woolly technical analysis Fibonacci bullshit. There are no fkin “strategies” in forex for retail traders; you’re a nobody and you do not impact the market. Get that into your head: you cannot beat institutions with billion at their disposal. So just follow trend and use basic but solid tools. Every poker player knows that going all-in pre-flop with pocket aces is always a winning decision….if you lose with it that does NOT make the decision incorrect. Play the odds, ignore your ego, stop being sentimental, and go for small but consistent gains.

  9. Don’t listen to this bald negative fuck he’s mad he messed up or things isn’t going well I’m new to the forex trade market, and I’m assuming new ppl will take this opportunity to also grow like me. But have good risk ma management guys, think positive and make your money!❤️🔥💰💰💰💰

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