1. Thanks for watching this week's video! Let me know if you trade with top-down analysis and how are you finding it… Also, tune in on my Facebook live streams, every Monday at 2pm London time! Enjoy!

  2. thank you so much i have sat for days on end deciding which timeframe to look at and which to enter on but your template seems the most simplest from anything ive seen. and i love simplicity. great work love your videos.

  3. Hi Andrew,

    Is it not necessary to use support & resistance on the M15 & H1 with this method?

    Also, when it comes to moving averages I use a 50, 25 & 15 on only the daily to gauge the trend and a 21 & 8 in the M15 & H1 for day trend entries.

    Would it be better to use the same moving averages across all the timeframes instead?

    Would be great to get your thoughts on this. Thanks

  4. Hi, I like to do Top Down Analysis because I usually trade following the trend, but I use only one chart and draw the most signicative pivot lines for higher time frames in the same chart. Is that also correct?

  5. I have been in ForexSignals and only about 3 traders out of all the other 100 traders that share trades can be trusted one of them is Andrew, cause damn ive lost alot copying these traders in ForexSignals that give trades that 90% dont work, at least from experience of copying them.

  6. Here’s a tip for you traders watching mark your support resistance trade 30 min 1 hr chart only look out for pin bars and trade that direction exit trade when opposite pin bar is detected simple let me know how you get on

  7. I am subscribed to your videos. Lately what facinates me in your videos is your network of monitors/Tv/Screens and appliances which you trade with. I would have loved to have this same set up to trade too. Kudos Sir

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