1. sir Dare, I must confess you have added so much value to my life and to the life every one that follow your channel, indeed you are man with a Golding heart and pray that God almighty will continue to bless you with more knowledge and wisdom as you continue to impart in us, sir all your training has being so essential to my trading carrier but the greatest i will achieve from you to get this indicator as you do send it to us, even if is to cost me i don,t mind pls just let me know the cost as soon as i can afford it i will definitely contact you for it. here is my email thomsonwin222@gmail.com sir i plead i really need this indicator as know the value of it. best regards

  2. Another wonderful job sir. I have seen quite a lot but not as explicit as u have done. Weldone sir!!!
    Pls is there any way I can get this "harmonic pattern application" and it's "template" for my personal trading?

  3. Morning sir! I have very greatful for this given. I received the ATRstops indicator. Do I ask other favour to send me your free 'Harmonic pattern indicators'. My email: yahayasani1983@gmail.com. God bless you abundantly for us so much on this fx journey.

  4. Thank you once again for your well delivered content, I have learnt so much. I have tried all the links but I have not been able to obtain the harmonic pattern. Is it a paid subscription indicator or can I download it free?

  5. Great stuff. Sir Dare, may you also make a video when you get some time on Trading the Highs and the Lows in Forex (Trading High and Low of the DAY; Day, Week, and Month High and Lows and the best or better time frame to catch the Ms and Ws with these HighLows. Thanks

  6. Great teaching bro. What % of accuracy are harmonic patterns? Can I rely on them entirely or need to add another indicator for confluence. And what indicator/s will you recommend to complement harmonic patterns if I can’t rely entirely on it?

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