1. Thanks to Mr, Adams, you are indeed a GOD sent, please can you or any one help me with the 200,50,150,20 and 40 moving averages or tell me where and how to get the indicators

  2. Hi Adam. Great video, thanks for sharing it with us.

    I would like to know more about your "Online Professional Trading Course" but the given link is not working : https://piranhaprofits.com and see this message – "This site can’t be reached; piranhaprofits.com’s server IP address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN". Is there any other link which works? Thanks again!

  3. Hello Sir,
    I am Shngain from North East of India. I am interested in started FX trading. I have walkthro' all your videos and learned and I would like to start doing trading along your guidance. I want to start small but I do not know how and where to begin with. I need your advice and I shall be very grateful to you.
    Please advice me which platform do I choose for my trading career. What is your advice according to my country?
    Thanking You,

  4. hello adam, i just watched some of your videos and i want to start trading do you think start trading with $500/$1000 is a good call or i just can start it off by $200 since i want to try and used strategy that i learned from your videos

  5. what is your advice to get a best trading broker ? as you may know the new legislation on binary option has been band by EU, therefore binary traders are no longer to trade on IQ option. so we need your advice ?

  6. Btw, since it takes so long for a slow moving MA like 150 or 200 to slope downwards, if ever there is a stock crash or rapid move then you would've missed a large move already in waiting for those MA signals. Just as in 2009, if you waited for the downward sloping 50/150 cross and price to trade below 200 DMA, you had already lost 10% off the peak. That's a big move.

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  8. Hi Adam, I am a beginner to Forex trading and I am very excited to start 🙂 But I am not sure which platform to use…do you have any suggestions? The only requirement I have is that it is easy to follow Scandinavian currencies such as SEK

  9. Thank you!
    I’m from Japan and trading Japanese market. Nikkei always moves same as Dow.
    Nikkei is still holding not to go bear and very choppy as Dow.
    Still confusing, what do you think of the Japanese market now?

  10. Hi Adam, Just been watching your coaching online recently. Simple to understand, very honestly but in a very unique point of view than all the other teachers. Some of your video I watched over and over again. And start to realize my mistake and reason of failure before. You taught me what to do, what not, when and when not, which is so powerful and practical. You absolutely outstanding mentor and so generous on knowledge and time. My gratitude.

  11. Thank you for great video, please comment on Indian markets(bse sensex, nifty50) , also pls suggest crude oil as indian aviation just started picking up and raising oil is causing lot of disruption.. even GDP gets affected due to oil spikes.. as india is major importer of crude oil..much appreciated.

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