1. Hi Alex. Would you be interested in testing an EA from another suplier? It is a recovery EA which places hedged trades on a manual entry should the trade not go in the intended direction. The aim is to close a basket of trades at break even or a small loss rather than be stopped out at a full loss. It is sold separately and is also an included feature in other EAs. A free version is available for demo trading

  2. Hello Alex – I would like you to talk about the history of the Candle trading novelty EA.. History of changes.. and how come currently the EA does not really trade candles they way it was intended? Are specific settings the reason? Historical changes? – With respect.

  3. Alex, nice video, just a little confused about the impact of long trends which you say can cause large drawdowns. In one of your other videos you say that "runaway markets don't really matter because you are entering a Buy and a Sell at the same time, and that in the case of say the market running away up, the Buy and the Sell will be stopped out at the same time and you will be in a Hedged Neutral situation". Can you clarify this please? Also can you advise if its possible to manually intervene if you spot a runaway market in order to minimize the impact on drawdown?

  4. Great video ! I would love to see support for the dream machine and the make money EA. In overall, comparison videos help clients review which EA suits their goals best thus helping them making a better decisions if hesitant on choosing an EA. Thanks for your ongoing support.

  5. Though your channel and knowledge base is very appreciated, most don't have the time for new learning curves and EA comparison. Pointedly, have you published a performance ranking of your EAs? If not, please do a video on this subject. So, what are the top three that you would recommend and why?

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