1. incredible!!!! wow!!! could a Hybrid EA be written to combine this RSI portion for great entry with the double your account EA ??
    Alex you are the man!!

  2. I've been trying to optimize my EA's by adding all the data from Tickstory but after downloading over 20 pairs I'm running out of space . Surely your broker should have this data. 😐

  3. Alex can I ask do you actually trade? I don't think you do…. you seem to have a new strategy or system every single day, we haven't seen you focus on one and build an account solidly. You can't have time to trade when you bombard us with new systems or tricks every single day!!! Geeeez!!!

  4. hello Alex sid here from Indonesia yesterday i downloaded ur free course of 6 magic ma tutorial wonderful but after watching this video i need the details of this EA and also the RSI system please suggest me which perfect performance rsi systemu can give me
    my mail sidgalvankar200@gmail.com

  5. Hi Alex, my RSI is not the same as yours, the closest I can get is 'weighted close', is this what yours is? This could be why my Tradeable RSI does do as good as your results.

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