1. A potential high risk of selling call options for some premium out of the money, is that, for example, you may be collecting a couple hundred dollars in premium while the value of your stock drops by thousands of dollars. Sometimes, if you think the stock price has had a good run higher, has topped out and may fall back some 10 to 20%, the call option premium will be of very little consolation.

  2. Great video! Two questions. The reason you want the contract to expire worthless is so you keep the premium and your shares?

    What happens if the stock drops 5 bucks? You still keep the premium but just lose on the stock value? Anything else?

  3. What a great job! I've been studying options for awhile now, and I have to say that Adam did an incredible job explaining much about covered calls in a very short amount of time! Very impressive!

  4. ugh.. Adam will you just tell me what shares to buy everyday lol? The stock market is eating me up right now man. I wish i would've saw this video a while back. I'm still learning and apparently I'm learning the hard way. I'm not giving up, i just need to come up with a different game plan, cause obviously what i'm doing is NOT working. I bought a few calls on apple and amazon and made a little money, then i got cocky and bought a bunch of other options that don't have a ton of volume and now they are expiring worthless tomorrow. There's alot more learning i need to do. Thanks for the video! I love your channel and the way you explain things. You are very knowledgeable and me personally i'm grateful that you are teaching us! You're the best!

  5. Adam, do you have a course on this? I have always been curious about how to make money with options trading but never quite understood the terminology and process etc. What are "Calls", "Puts", "Strike Price" etc. Thanks

  6. I've been a fan, but now I see you numbers are all just made up. KO calls go no where near 1.50. More like .09 in the near term or .25 for 180 days out. So I'm calling BS on your numbers.

  7. High risk strategy which requires lot of margin.
    But the best way to sell are far otm calls and puts. If the stock opens huge up or gap down the next day(which is very rare), then that's it. Kaboom!!
    Warren buffet made millions just only by selling otm options.

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