Free Prizes on ASF. Yeah yeah nah yeah. Give me some!

Ok, so this could be seen as a gratuitous use of free advertising lol but @Knobby22 brilliantly suggested more advertising so hopefully this will do.

Just in case the other thread might get missed by anyone interested in entering the comp and winning some free stuff for doing basically nothing/zero/zilch I am taking liberties with this referral thread. If this is inappropriate, my apologies to @Joe Blow and please remove if that is the case.

@frugal.rock is offering some generous prizes for simply picking the future prices of Stocks APT and Z1P see thread link below (hope it works)

The comp is closing very soon (I think Frugal was happy to wait a few more days till Australia Day??) so if you would like to throw a couple of numbers at me, please act fast:)

Cheers, barney.


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