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  2. is it right that if im buying the pair eur/usd ,im buying Eur units and speculating that euro is going to be more value than usd ,and if im selling the pair ,im buying usd units ,speculating that usd is going to value agains euro ,right?!??!?!?!

  3. Thats great but who the heck sets the bid and ask price ? If I Buy the Ask that means someone was selling the Ask to me, But when someone sells.. they sell the BID not the ask. So who is this mysterious person selling to me when I buy on the ASK ?? And who sets the price for this If its not me? Would it be the Banks? But then who are they buying and selling from. and how is that affecting the BID and the ASK.
    In stocks its easy. You buy the BID and sell the ASK. Or vise versa. Either a buyer steps up to the ASK or a seller steps down to the BID. But it seems like forex does not work like this ?
    In stocks If I out BID someone ill get filled first. and if everyone bids higher is this not what causes price to rise? Im really curious as to how all of this looks like on the brokers end, becuase who the heck does all this end up being determined. I know there is software for this, but id really like to know in depth how this really works.
    If Im buying on the ASK in Forex, whos raising the BID ? arent traders supposed to places orders on the BID? And if were just speculating on the ASK whos really moving the markets ?
    They are making their spread some how. But whos moving price? If im not buying the BID

  4. This absolutely answered my question! I was so confused what exactly am I buying and what on earth am I selling. This is probably the ony video that clarified that so clearly. Thanks.

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